Your Value and Appreciation is Up to You as a People Pleaser



Dr. Dar

Your Value and Appreciation

Your value and appreciation are defined and determined by you… so it is up to you. Once you are clear about your value and appreciation, then people who align with your clarity will come into your life.

Listen to “Ep. 21 Understanding Your Value and Appreciation – The Feel Good Superpower Podcast” on Spreaker.

I want you to know that…

You are an amazing person.

You see… 

I don’t think you or I hear that enough.

I want you to know you are incredible.

Every thought, feeling, emotion, action… you are incredible.

I know you are doing and being your best… even when you don’t think or feel as though you are.

Which brings me to appreciation and what it feels like…

Did you know that Appreciation is a higher vibration and frequency than Gratitude.  Sure, to start appreciating, we express thankfulness and have an attitude of gratitude.

But, did you know that when you look at something (or someone) and appreciate it… that is about your value and the value you place on that item or person?

You see… valuing something equates to appreciating it.

And… when you value something or someone, you appreciate it.

Then… when you appreciate it… it appreciates.  It increases in value.

In other words, when you appreciate the value of people and things in your life, including your money, it appreciates.  It builds in value.  And then… rather miraculously, more comes your way.

Play with appreciation today.  Feel the feels of appreciating something or someone, highly valuing it and them.

And, most importantly…

Appreciate yourself, value yourself… highly.  No one or thing can be higher in value than yourself.

Here is my appreciation of and for you:

  • I appreciate all of you… who you are
  • I appreciate you being here… now… and our connection
  • I appreciate your life, heart, body, mind, and soul
  • I appreciate all the blessings that are on the way to you and your loved ones
  • I appreciate everyone who has been kind to you in your life, past, and present
  • I appreciate all those who have appreciated you… and truly loved you
  • I appreciate you honoring yourself
  • I appreciate you respecting yourself
  • I appreciate all who have wronged you in some way… so that you could learn what feels good and does not feel good… so that you could make feel-good choices going forward
  • I appreciate the power you have to choose… what feels good

I appreciate you… on this Thanksgiving Day and beyond.

May you have fun, feel free, be empowered, thrive, and be loved today and on all days.

From my heart to yours,
Dr. Dar

The way I keep my Appreciation Vibe high every day is by using The Feel Good Superpower Cards.  I will send you my feel-good superpower guide that explains how and why people behave the way they do, why things get difficult, and what to do about it as a gift with your purchase of the Feel Good Energy Cards.  

Ps.  the cards are infused with an appreciation of you.

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